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Question   uPtTyjLlklCegoZFyQ
Hey! I'm in these and chubby! But, hot damn my wife looks good. Love you Brooke and how you made me look alosmt as good as Sam.

- Manuel Manuel May 04, 2013

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Question   Most Excellent Photographers
just wanted to say thanks for all the beauty you bring in to every ones lives. I posted your site in my bio so you may see a few more hits.

- Elle Glenn August 24, 2009

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Question   Lookin Good
Been watching the site and just keeps lookin better all the time.

- John and Kami Litz June 05, 2008

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Question   My photo shoot. WOW
Thank you so much. I love the pictures you took. The both of you are wonderful and creative artists. Felt very comfortable. Warm and caring atmosphere. Thanks for all your hard work. You deff have the imagination and passion it takes to be exceptional photographers. Be very proud of your amazing work. Lots of love to you both.

- Audra Haakonson April 09, 2008

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Question   Private Albums
Inquiring about he "Private" albums, You have some wonderful photos on here and is there stipulations for gaining access to those or are they strictly private? Thank you for your work...great photos

- Jason strutam April 09, 2008

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Question   Great Photos
I want to thank you for taking these great photos of me and for helping me feel at ease the entire time. I can't decide which pics I want because I like them all (and for different reasons). Your professionalism was great.

- Heather Lokovich April 08, 2008

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Question   About Time
Congratz on getting the site up. I know you two will totally kick butt. Kami and I have been toying with setting up a site for a while now ourselves for not only photography but her writing as well. Too damn cool you guys are going for it.

- John & Kami  April 07, 2008

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